Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use Here at Digi Graphic Designs each Designer as there own set of Terms of Use for each product.
So be sure to read the TOU file that is included in each download file to the products purchased. If you still are concerned and would like further information simply contact the designer with the email provided in the TOU or contact the store and we can look into it for you.
We have also been asked what the terms for each kind of scrapbook item means, so i hope this helps you.


*CU = Commercial Use
Product that can be use in a commercial way. You can create with these items, new elements or new papers and resell them as PU (personal use). If a kit or element is appropriate for commercial use it can also be used for PU/ S4H or S4O.

*PU = Personal Use
Product to be used in a personal way only. This means you can use it for all kind of layouts and for other graphic projects but for your personal use only, not to create profit in any way.

*S4H = Scrap For Hire
That means that is not just for personal use but also to scrap for someone else. 

*TOU = Terms Of Use
Always read the tou's of the designers before you create.

*CU4CU = Commercial Use for Commercial Use
These kind of products allow you to create your own commercial use products from the provided elements or tubes etc.
With CU4CU items, nearly everything is allowed except reselling them as they are.

*CU4PU = Commercial Use for Personal Use
 Means the same as CU

*TS = Tagger Size
This is the size of an item or kit. For web resolution.
*FS = Full Size
This is the size of an item or kit. For printable resolution.

*R4R = Resell for Resell
Means you can sell it as CU4CU  only with permission from the artist.
Sell as CU - PU 

Read always the TOU or ask the artist/designer.

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